Ornelas Property Management LLC


Ornelas Property Management LLC provides quality professional service with over 40 years of experience. We are a "Full Service" Real Estate Company helping many Buyers', Sellers', Commercial Tenants/Landlords and Investors' manage their profits. We specialize in Residential & Commercial Property Management Services. Ornelas Property Management takes pride in providing valuable information, so you can make accurate decisions. We understand the value of your Real Estate Investments, and what is required to handle your investment carefully.


We're happy to provide all the information you need to buy or sell real estate in the surrounding Denver Metro Areas. In todays fast moving real estate market, we take pride with keeping up with the most updated technology available in our industry. Technology allows us to better serve our clients, and help provide an edge when the market is fast. As the premier real estate agents in the Denver Market, we look forward to serving you. OPM LLC is happy to help you anytime, anywhere; contact us now!


Timothy A. Ornelas      303-564-6646          timothyornelas@comcast.net 

Aimee J. Ornelas         720-261-6340          aimeeornelas@gmail.com

Jordain P. Qunitana     720-933-6855          jordainpquintana@gmail.com