We specialize in Residential Property Management Services

Are you needing help acquiring a Tenant only? We offer "Rental Placement Service", call now for details!


 We use state of the art Property Management software that include Owner/Tenant Portals, which allow instant access to documents, records, photo and conversations. Owners/Tenants have the ability to disburse funds online for rent and repairs. If internet access is available, Owners and Tenants can login into our Property Management site and have realtime information. We keep you updated!                                 

Property Evaluation:

  • Establish market rental value
  •  Assess property condition, recommend repair & decorating
  •  Suggestions to maximize rental and/or sale value

Attracting Qualified Tenants:

  • Advertising, promoting and showing properties/may require yard sign and lock box
  • Handle all inquires

Careful Tenant Screening and Selection:

  • Credit Bureau Member Thorough reference checks:  employment, credit reports, former landlords
  • Detail rental application forms
  • In-depth interviews with prospective tenants
  • We are the buffer for you - we do the rejecting and ask the hard questions

Complete Tenant Services:

  • Updated Comprehensive Leases
  • HUD required lead based paint addendum
  • Fair but firm rent collection policies
  • Quick action should delinquencies occur
  • Buffer for you when firmness is required
  • Collection of security deposits
  • 24 hour phone service

 Comprehensive Accounting Services:

  • Totally computerized accounting and record keeping provides accuracy and efficiency 
  • Maintain all security deposit account records 
  • Monthly and yearly income and expense statements 
  • Complete tax records of all transactions
  • All receipts are uploaded into Owner Portal
  • Pay all contracted bills pertaining to the property

 Property Inspections:

  • Pictures of property taken prior to occupancy and final walkthroughs
  • Spot checks and routine periodic inspections
  • We protect your property by keeping close watch over it

 Repairs, Maintenance, Contracting and Supervision:

  • We maintain ongoing relationships with a pool of experienced, qualified and insured contractors

 For Cost of Services in "Property Management" OR "Rental Placement Services" please contact us here or (303) 564-6646.